56: things will come to you EFFORTLESSLY...manifest through these 3 levels of reality creation (VIDEO)

Season #4

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In this episode/video I will share with you:

  •  The 3 levels of reality creation and how to move into levels 2 and 3 to manifest quicker and easier
  •  The #1 question to ask yourself in challenging or confusing situations to manifest clarity and flow in all areas of your life!
  •  Many personal manifestation stories, like how I manifested my dream of working 4-10 hour weeks, earning 5-figure months, while traveling the world
  •  How I experienced peace while going through a breakup and letting go of the most profitable part of my business
  •  How to follow your intuition when your mind and fears are fighting you
  •  3 steps to move into “the flow” and make life more fun, easy and enjoyable
  • and more!




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