57: our Yoga Nidra & NSDR obsession and the benefits on your happiness, health, peace, nervous system, intuitive connection and more with Ellanah Faucet

Season #4

I have a new obsession that I haven't shared with you yet... Yoga Nidra! Also known as NSDR or non-sleep deep rest.

There are times throughout my day where I feel disconnected from my center, anxious or overwhelmed. In the past, my first reaction would be to grab my phone and scroll for another dopamine hit, or get to working harder to combat the anxious feelings, only to be left feeling wiped out and depleted with no source of motivation left in me.

WELL! As I have been studying dopamine and addiction (in particular to screens, social media, tv, porn, video games and "quick and easy pleasures") for the past 5 months, I have also been cultivating a new practice that I have fallen madly in love with.

Yoga Nidra has helped me experience:

- DEEP inner peace

- A reconnection to my "source" of love and abundance within

- Clear intuitive guidance on next steps to take in my business and relationships

- A deeper connection to family and friends

- Feeling embodied in my feminine, leaned back, trusting energy

- A consistent refill of my energy, motivation and dopamine stores, without crashing

It has also played a pivotal role in my ability to create new habits and break old ones -- like eliminating scrolling on social media and added sugars from my diet, sticking to my fitness plan, and being consistent with my work online.

In this episode, we are joined with my soul sister, Ellanah Faucet as she shares her Yoga Nidra and deep rest wisdom with us.

I hope this episode inspires you to begin a yoga nidra/NSDR practice! If you'd like to join Ellanah's course for 5 Weeks of Cellular Regeneration & Soul Nourishment, use the code "BEBLISS" for 25% OFF.



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