61: use social media, don't let it use you -- my journey with "digital heroin" and creating freedom while simultaneously growing my coaching business a lot quicker (life update part 2)

Season #4

I've had quite the love-hate journey with social media. I've romanticized life without it, and I've relied on marketing my business on it. In today's episode, I will share with you how I:

  • Created a MUCH healthier relationships to social media, where I truly feel FREE and so much more present
  • Trusted my inner voice which led me to growing my following, community and email list more in 3 months on TikTok than I did in 4.5 years on Instagram
  • and more. 

If you're experiencing a love-hate relationship with social media or you feel pressured to market on certain platforms for your business, this episode will expand what's possible for you!


xx Alesha


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