62: manifestation and abundance hack - the art of becoming

Season #4

When you're manifesting your desires, whether it's love, money, business growth, health, or happiness, it's so important to shift your focus away from “getting” what you want. When you focus on what you don't have, you turn off your magnetism. You are dwelling in an energy of lack.

Unfortunately, this makes getting what you want very difficult because no matter how hard you work, you’re fighting against the laws of energy. Dwelling in an energy of lack, and taking action from an energy of lack, magnetizes and creates MORE lack.

🌟 The good news is, there is an easier way to manifest what you desire!

It requires you to shift your focus from what you lack 🙁👎🏼 to ➡️ who you are becoming 😍👍🏼

In this episode I will share with you 5 specific examples on HOW to make this shift, for manifesting:

  1. Money
  3. Clients
  4. Health or a "sexier body"
  5. Love and relationships

Grab a cozy cup and enjoy!!

xx Alesha


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