The 5 Personality Patterns: A Treasure Map to End Suffering with Steven Kessler (Ep. 66)

Season #4

Have you ever felt like the people you love most are so different from you, and just don't see the world the same way you do? Or that you must have a psychological issue (anxiety, depression and beyond) that talk-therapy alone isn't seeming to resolve?

This interview, Steven Kessler, author of The 5 Personality Patterns, will explain why. The 5 Personality Patterns is a treasure map to understanding yourself and others, ending suffering, and feeling better, quicker. Reading this book, and applying the guidance within, has positively impacted every area of my life -- including my relationships (romantic, friendships, and family), my career, my clients lives, and my mental and physical health. I cannot recommend it enough!

As Steven says, “your experiences of life is determined mostly by your habits of attention and patterned flow of your life energy.” In this interview we explore:

What are the 5 personality patterns?

How are they developed?

How do they make life difficult when we are caught in a pattern?

What are the gifts, or positives, of each pattern?

Why do people get stuck in talk-therapy for longer than necessary, and what is a potentially quicker and more effective path?

What's a faster way to feel better?

How does the merging pattern influence anxious attachment?

How do we begin healing each pattern, and ending our suffering?

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