Highly Paid, Leaned Back Babe

Highly Paid, Leaned Back Babe

Hosted by: Alesha Soul

Helping you to grow through energy work, manifestation, quantum physics, soul, and simple, effective AF strategies.


EP 28: Be The Palm Tree

Season #2 Episode #28

In this week’s episode you’ll learn one of my MAJOR mindset shifts that has transformed the way I live life. This mindset shift was the catalyst for my evolution into building a business, stepping out of my comfort...
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EP 27: 3 Secrets to Manifesting $27,800 in One Month

Season #2 Episode #27

This episode comes after celebrating a very big month in business!! Not only was it expansive financially - but mentally, physically, and spiritually, too. I was even exploring the Dominican Republic for half the...
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EP 26: 5 Reasons Why Being a Coach is the BEST JOB in the World!

Season #2 Episode #26

This episode is going to break down my top 5 reasons why I believe being a coach is the most INCREDIBLE JOB in the entire world! From the flexibility and freedom to do what you want when you want, to living an...
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EP 25: Using Your Intuition to Make Decisions to Live a Life of Synchronicity, Flow, and Magic

Season #2 Episode #25

If you feel called to this episode, you are likely being led to live a life outside of the “normal” way people operate.Where you feel constrained within the boxes and structures that society or your family or the...
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Ep 24: Shifting From Head to Open Hearted Awareness AND a Magical Meditation!

Season #2 Episode #24

If you often feel fear, anxiety, stress, and overthink, today’s episode is perfect for you. In this episode (#24) you’ll learn the 3 habits of the mind that cause suffering, a simple and effective way to shortcut your...
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Ep 23: So You Want to Manifest Money?

Season #2 Episode #23

In this episode you'll learn the energetics of money that I wish I knew years ago, how to attract more money into your life, and my biggest 8 key takeaways that I've learned in the past two years around using...
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Ep 22: WELCOME TO SEASON 2!!! New name, new brand, ways to work with me in 2021, and updates on my life flow!

Season #2 Episode #22

Thanks for tuning into this episode! I am so excited to bring in 2021 with you!Do you feel the call to work with me on a deeper level? LINKS:FREE Class on How to Use Breathwork to ManifestMaster Manifestor Teacher...
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