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Money Magnet Student Experiences

Money is always responding to you.

The universe is both self organizing and self correcting, and the universe's natural state is abundance.

This means that we are meant to prosper and live abundantly in every area of our lives, and when we experience lack in the physical world, there is more than enough in the energetic world to compensate for our perceived lack.

So, you may be wondering: If abundance is our natural state, and the universe is always trying to deliver it to us... why doesn't everyone have it?

There is only an unlimited stream of well-being and an abundance of all kinds, including money, available to you at all times. 

But you must be in the alignment of receiving these things.

You must be the vibrational and energetic match to these things.

You can allow it, or resist it, but it flows just the same.

You cannot stand in resistance to receiving money and receive at the same time. It goes against universal law.

Here are some ways you may be resisting money and blocking yourself from receiving more of it:

  • Having negative thoughts and beliefs about money
  • Having negative thoughts & beliefs about rich and wealthy people
  • Feeling fear, doubt, and anxiety when you pay for things
  • Feeling guilt and worry around debt and paying the bills
  • Wanting and waiting for more money to come
  • Trying to figure out how the money will come
  • Believing money can only come from a person, occupation, or business
  • Believing in the 3rd-dimensional physical world more than your imagination and 4th-dimensional mental + emotional world (which is the cause of our 3D reality) 

Money is an infinite, limitless resource that is constantly available to us to claim and receive more of... without needing to know exactly 'how' it will come!

In fact, 'needing to know how the money will come' is one of the biggest ways people blocks themselves from receiving more.

The manifestation and receiving of more money comes down to this quantum-physics proven fact:

When you dwell a vibrational field of abundance, you attract abundance.

When you dwell in a vibrational field of lack, you attract lack.


 This message is from a Money Magnet Alumnae student who is an artist and was having a tough time selling her art before Money Magnet:



 Inside of Money Magnet, I will be teaching you exactly how to:

1. Clear your resistance to receiving money

2. Dwell in the vibrational field of abundance

3. Attract unexpected money to you at lightning speed

Money Magnet is for any and every human who wants to receive more money out of thin air and live a life experiencing more freedom, wealth and joy.

Money Magnet is for ALL ages, genders, and occupations.

You do not need to be an entrepreneur to receive unexpected money.



I have had clients who are teachers, nurses, DJ's and construction workers manifest $1,500 - $6,000+ out of the blue after just one short money lesson with me.

The teacher had a $4,000 medical bill randomly paid-in-full.

The nurse had walked out to her mailbox to receive $1,500 worth of miscellaneous checks in the mail.

The construction worker was informed at work that he had over $1,800 in a 2nd retirement account he hadn't known about.

The DJ received a direct deposit of $6,000 from an old friend the day after completing Money Magnet Module 1.

These are 4 out of hundreds of unexpected and miraculous examples I could share with you.

In the past two years I have been passionately studying manifestation and the energy and frequency of money.

I have applied and practiced the principles that I teach within this course.

I went from earning less than $1,200 a month working as a part time personal trainer and dog walker, to receiving over $120,000 - every single dollar of which I intentionally manifested!

And a lot of that money surprised me, coming through unexpected sources, after becoming the vibrational match to abundance!!!

With all of my experience, here's what I know to be true...

Every thought you think and feeling you feel influences how money responds to you.

You are the power source...

You are the abundance code...

You are the wizard, magician and alchemist...

You are the creator, attracter and receiver.


When you become the vibrational match to money, money finds you.

You don't need to know how it will come (this is crucial and exactly where most people block themselves). You simply need to become the vibrational match to money and the money will find you.

You need to get out of your own way and clear your resistance to receiving this unlimited stream of abundance available to you at all times.

This is what we do inside of Money Magnet!

Money Magnet will expand your consciousness and change the way you think, feel and act around money forever.

Money Magnet will change the way you receive money forever.

If you truly commit yourself to the lessons + practices inside, Money Magnet will have you receiving unexpected cash within 1-4 weeks.

More Money Magnet Student Experiences

Katrina, Week 1

Marite, Week 1

"I received 500 euros on the go fund me website for my show by a stranger. I haven't even done the module 1 homework yet, so we'll see what happens then, excited!"

Alisha, Week 2

"Today I received a random check in the mail for $600! Abundance!!"

Jen, Week 4

“I’ve been telling everyone at work that their money comes from the universe and not people ūü§£ I’ve consistently been receiving tips 20%-50%. And I’ve received refunds that I wasn’t expecting. My mindset has shifted soo much!” 

What's Inside:

  • 6 Video Modules (including 1 BRAND NEW one taught LIVE!) with Alesha teaching you step-by-step exactly how to:
    • Clear your resistance to¬†receiving money
    • Dwell in the vibrational field of¬†abundance
    • Attract unexpected money to you at lightning speed

  • 4 Workbooks that will guide¬†you¬†to rewire your conscious and subconscious mind so that you no longer repel money, but rather attract money to you like a magnet
  • 5 Embodiment Practices to clear stagnant energy blocking you from receiving money and ground¬†new abundance codes into your DNA
  • 1 pre-recorded 60-minute Q&A with Alesha!
  • Lifetime access to the trainings, tools, and recordings!
  • Free access to all future live + recorded¬†Modules that are added by¬†Alesha
  • 48-Hour Risk-Free Enrollment (see below)¬†

The Content

Module 1: Get into the vibes of magic money. Learn how to walk with your big dreams and your fears simultaneously. Learn one of Alesha's most powerful practices around attracting and receiving more. This week's homework is one of the most powerful practices you will ever learn to attract more into your life.

‚ú®Outer-Intention Meditation

‚ú®Vision Board Magic Manifestation


Module 2: Develop overflow in all areas of life. Tap into the universe as the source of your supply. Be divinely compensated. 

✨Receive Alesha's Favorite Daily Manifestation Journaling Practice


✨BONUS Training: You are Already a Master Manifestor. Understand exactly how and why you attract experiences into your life - even the 'bad.' Learn how to shift your thoughts and emotions to attract your desires within the quantum field. This is one of the most popular trainings I've taught.

‚ÄúThe bonus you give us after Module 2 REALLY helped me. I was like ‚Äúholy shit, I am a manifestor! I‚Äôve just been manifesting wrong!‚ÄĚ That gave me so much empowerment and just knowing that I don‚Äôt need to flip from complete scarcity to complete abundance‚Ķ That was so mind blowing for me. Thank you so much for including that bonus.‚ÄĚ


Module 3: Clear negative energy + emotions that block the flow of money and miracles. Develop emotional intelligence. Learn how to hold all of your emotions & still be a match for money. Create strong energetic boundaries and standards around what you are and are not available for. 

✨Money Magnet Journaling Prompts

✨Rich & Rooted Breathwork 

‚ú®Prosperity Prayer/Intention


Module 4: Release the pressure and tap into the inevitability of your greatness, prosperity and success. Open to receive at all times. Learn how to collapse time. Learn how to spend & give in ways that attract more money to you. Release guilt, shame and regret around past mistakes with money. Develop trust and inner knowing that when you think of something, it is done.

✨BONUS Breathwork Class: Clear Scarcity and Manifest Abundance

‚ÄúThat was such a powerful breathwork session! Wow that was incredible. I felt a glowing light around me and felt so held by the Universe. I am feeling so abundant right now:)‚ÄĚ - Sabrina


Module 5: Surrender, Receive and Pleasure. Pleasure and abundance are the same energetic frequency. Learn how to use movement, breath, and self-pleasure to teach your body what it feels like to receive  more money, abundance, and good things. Expand your capacity to live a pleasure-filled life. Heal self-sabotaging patterns. Learn the art of spiritual surrender.

‚ú®Surrender and Open to Receive Meditation

‚ú®Circulate Pleasure Breathing Meditation


NEW Module: Money Dates & Money Jars. Create a joyful relationship with money & break the habit of living paycheck to paycheck. 

This lesson was taught during in January of 2023, 16 months after Money Magnet was originally taught live with two powerful lessons and practices Alesha has learned that has absolutely changed her relationship with money and allowed her to not only manifest unexpected cash fast, but HOLD the money she receives and grow it over time (which is how we create true freedom). Although this is technically the 6th Module taught, Alesha includes this within Module 1 of Money Magnet because it's something she now believes is one of the first and most important things to learn and begin practicing, especially for those of you who might be/get good at manifesting 'fast cash,' but seem to spend it all and have a difficulty growing your savings and investment accounts.


More Bonuses Inside:


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