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Ways to Work with Me

If you'd like to receive coaching from me to help you manifest and magnetize your dream life, love, and/or business, I have 2 options for you:

The Abundance Embodied Membership
1:1 Private Mentorship

Stories of client transformations, healing and magical manifestations...

I first hired Alesha to assist me in my obsessive thoughts. I would spiral and slip into scarcity and worst case scenario out of nowhere. My anxiety was constant and I could never fully shake the feeling but I knew I was ready to feel something/anything different. Alesha has helped me uncover so many layers of myself I never knew needed healed. She’s done a beautiful job of knowing exactly what I need in every session. She is so intuitive and magical in the ways she can read you and attune to your needs and desires without you even saying it. Her energy she brings to the sessions is so grounded, loving and safe and soft. Out of all the books, coaches, ceremonies, retreats I’ve done, she has been by far the most transformational investment I’ve made in myself. Hiring her was honestly the best thing I have ever done for myself. I wish I had words to express how deeply grateful I am for her and her work, but no matter what I say I will fall short of how powerful my time with her has been. It was that good. She IS that good! Since working with Alesha, not only am I living from a place of deep peace, but also abundance and freedom. I feel like an entire new person. Everything I’ve been searching externally for Alesha has showed me is inside of me, waiting to be felt, moved, expressed & loved. I have so much gratitude and love for myself now. I never want our sessions to end. I would recommend her to the entire world if I could. Thank you thank you thank you Alesha!

- Hailey, Mom, Wife, & Healer


I met Alesha right before the pandemic and her breathwork changed my life! I will never forget how euphoric I felt when I used my breath to channel what I needed to release and received what was there for me to hold onto.

I followed Alesha’s work and took her mini workshops throughout the summer. I officially started to work with her 1:1 in order to create my next life chapter .. In a word… WOW! Since I have started to work with her in a 1:1 setting, my manifestations started to come alive! She has supported me during the highs and lows of my growing pains and she has helped to release the old stories of I cant to new stories of I CAN!

I am in a place where I am aligned and motivated to feel safe to create my desires. I have been utilizing the techniques that Alesha has taught me to feel safe and I have created time in my day rest and recharge without shame or guilt. The greatest part of all of this work is that I have been able to feel my way through my life’s purpose and THAT is where the MAGIC IS HAPPENING!!!!

Feminine Flow is the most powerful work that I have ever experienced! I was not only able to feel my desires but I was able to experience the joy that comes with visualizing my authentic self. I cleared the old energy and made room for the beauty and splendor within my soul! AMAZING!

- Krista, Mom, Wife, & Entrepreneur


My biggest struggles before working with Alesha were feeling lost in my career and life. I was bartending, over exhausted and not sure what my passion in life was, while also going through a break up. I had done therapy but had no idea what it meant to let go of things stored in my body. Doing the full work.  

As I began working with Alesha I felt opened up to new healing and opportunities. She heard me fully, and we did exercises to drop into my body, getting to the root of healing my fears. I was able to hold myself in a different light, with her support and allowance. She never judged me and allowed all of me to be. The more I worked with Alesha, the more freedom I felt.  I was able to leave my bartending job and move into casting, becoming a Breathwork and Energy Healing teacher.  I also attribute this to learning how to manifest in sessions with Alesha. I learned to let go of my limitations, that were instilled from a young age and I learned how to to be with my 'parts' as they arose.  

I would highly recommend anyone working with Alesha. Anyone that wants to expand their world, and grow. Anyone that is sick of being stuck in the day to day drum of life. Anyone that is ready to claim their desires and connect to their true self and love themselves. Alesha taught me that we should all be celebrated and loved and that everything we want is all within us waiting to be seen.

- Alisha N.

The best place to begin:

The Abundance Embodied Membership

Inside I will teach you how to generate the highly powerful and magnetic energies and frequencies of abundance, love and peace, and begin manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams today!

Inside of the membership you will receive instant access to: 

  1. The Vault: a growing library of $5,000+ worth of trainings, digital courses, tools, and masterclasses for manifesting all the things (money, love, happiness, etc.).
  2. 4 live group calls with me each month where we get to go even deeper and speed up your healing and manifesting process.
  3. A private community-led Telegram chat for daily accountability, connection, and support from a community of other people on a similar path to you.

This unique manifestation process blends the fields of quantum physics, law of attraction, neuroscience, spirituality, psychology, energy work, somatic trauma healing, biology, brain chemistry and epigenetics.

For a low monthly investment, you will have me as your Coach in your pocket at all times. I will guide you to reprogram your subconscious mind and body to become a magnet for abundance of all kinds: love, money, joy, peace, health, business growth, influence, incredible opportunities and beyond.


One-on-One Private Coaching and Healing

Private sessions are for you if you are ready to make big moves to manifest the life, love and/or business of your dreams fast. You are willing to do what it takes. You are ready to go all in and fully commit to yourself, your happiness, and your future! You know that your desires are available for you, and you're ready to show up to our sessions to move through any blocks, align your energy, and magnetize your desires into your life.

This is a 6-month long, multiple 4-figure investment. If you are genuinely¬†interested and ready for¬†deep, transformational work, then you may email [email protected] to learn more and apply.

Kaitlyn, Intuitive Eating Coach

Kaitlyn felt safety in her body for the first time and is feeling powerful, connected to herself, aligned and clear.


Alisha, Bartender + Entrepreneur

Hear how Alisha is transforming and magically manifesting in just 4 weeks.



Erin experienced powerful shifts during her first few sessions.


Sherina, Abundance/Wealth Coach

Sherina went to the next level of deep healing, opening up, and receiving in her relationships, business, and every area of life.


Elizabeth, Entrepreneur + Spiritual Coach

Elizabeth tried manifestation for years and it wasn't working until she began doing the energetic work with Alesha.


Alyssa, Marketing Specialist

Alyssa went from overexercising, restriction, and self-conscious to feeling comfortable, confident, and at peace with her body, health, and self.


"I talk to people really easily now. Even people I just met say things like "wow I'm so impressed, you talk to people so easily" and it's just that now I have this confidence about myself. There's just no reason to be afraid of anything and this program really helps with that! I learned not to be fearful of things anymore. Being fearful doesn't help me, the only thing that helps me is being courageous."

Jen, 23
Nurse Assistant

"I cannot express how much working with you is improving my life!! I am amazed at the changes I have gone through from working with you. I stopped biting my nails after 30+ years of biting them. I have lost 20 pounds and 4 inches from my stomach. My anxiety is amazingly better! I cannot wait to see what others wonderful changes will come as I work with you!!"

Pamela, 47
Computer Programming

"My experience with Alesha was nothing short of amazing. I met Alesha at a local gym where she led group fitness. I really connected with her spirit and learned about her 'real mission.' It took me a bit to commit, but I'm so glad I did. I was at a low point. I was struggling to lose weight, struggling with friendships, and trying to change careers late in life. On top of that I am diagnosed OCD. A recipe for disaster!! I was getting in my own way. Fast forward 12 weeks: I lost 14 lbs, my goal was 12. It normally takes me at least 6 months to lose that much weight. I am no longer stressed out AND obsessing over a friendship that was NOT good for me, and I was hired at my dream job. I'll admit, I didn't do everything right, but apparently I did a LOT right. Three months after the completion of the program, I've lost more weight, I'm making new friends, and my job is going great. I've really incorporated many of the steps into my day to day life. I've experienced new stressors and I quickly figure out what I need to do to overcome to regain my peace using the principles taught in this program. Thank you Alesha. You have gained a life long fan and follower!!"

Alison, 53
Computer Software

"I have come off my anxiety medications and am managing it on my own now!"

Josie, 22
Grad Student

"I am a new person, like there is no doubt. I care about myself in a way that I never have before. I am self reflective, thoughtful, and so much more conscious of what makes my body and my mind happy and what doesn't. I can deal so much better with depressing thoughts and emotions, and I am excited for each new day because I know I can learn and grow more each and every day. Yes, I still have struggles and things that occupy my mind. But compared to 8 weeks ago, I have so much more strength and care for myself that I've ever had before."

Jessie, 26

"I am no longer focused on restricting myself from certain foods or overdoing the gym and working out because I "ate too much." I work out because I love it and because it makes me feel good and is a true part of my life now. I eat healthy for the most part when I can and I don't get upset and frustrated when I indulge. I don't eat healthy and workout to lose weight, I genuinely do it because I love the way it makes me feel! This is what I am most proud of. I had the most unhealthy relationship with the gym and food before this program and the change I have seen in my life has truly been incredible and it inspires me to want to help others who have been struggling with something like this and who maybe haven't even noticed just like me. I really love myself. There are times that I may be a little harder on myself than others BUT that used to be an every day occurrence and it isn't anymore I love my body and I love the direction it's going in and the progress I have made. I have cut people out of my life who have been toxic and brought me down and I have allowed people in and allowed people to love me now that I finally love myself and everything I have to offer! I committed and was determined to see it through especially because of the money I invested. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, ALESHA. None of this would have been possible without you, you have truly changed my life. I never thought I'd break the habits I had and live a happy and healthy life like I am currently so thank you, again."

Alyssa, 23
Social Media Coordinator

"Last night I had a small sweet snack right after dinner but nothing at bedtime. I'm pumped! I've been eating at night since I was child and I'm over 50 so....OMG I am beyond thrilled."

Alison, 53
Computer Software

"After just 1 session with Alesha I felt clarity and rejuvenated. My body felt alert and more energized. I felt a realization of how much self love my body needs and deserves."

Erica, 25
Occupational Therapist

"If you told me at the beginning of us working together I wouldn't have thought about losing weight I would have thought you were crazy. But now I'm not focused on weight loss & it feels amazing. I'm working out because I love my body, not because I hate it. I still desire weight loss, but it doesn't feel ike my purpose and my whole life anymore. I ate pizza twice this weekend and didn't worry about my weight, my boyfriend said he loved that. That was one of the first days I didn't even think about my weight. I'm traveling this weekend and for the first time not anxious and I"m looking forward to going out to eat. You've (Alesha) helped me get more into my body, I'm more present and having fun with my boyfriend and friends. I can dance around my house to my favorite songs and feel happy. I am speaking my truth at work with my supervisor and asked her to do something differently when I used to be afraid to."

Jess, 27
PhD Student

"Breathwork with Alesha was such a beautiful sacred and safe experience. I experienced a deep sense of self-forgiveness in her class to some things I didn‚Äôt even know I was still holding onto. Alesha creates such a high frequency class that supports you to move through all spectrum of emotions in a very held and grounded way. By the end of the class I felt a level of gratitude so intense I couldn‚Äôt stop grinning and crying tears of joy! I would definitely recommend trying or continuing breathwork with Alesha and you will feel so held and fall more deeply in love with yourself and open yourself up to experiencing more love! ūüíē"

Coach and Mom



Do you want to be guided through your own beautiful transformation?

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Do you want to be guided through your own beautiful transformation?

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Josie transformed her relationship with her anxiety, life, self, and body feeling more confident and connected.


Do you want to be guided through your own beautiful transformation?

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Teacher and Artist. This clip was 5 weeks into Maggie's journey working with me feeling free of binge eating and anxiety around family.


Do you want to be guided through your own beautiful transformation?

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Breathwork is the #1 self healing modality. It allows your breath and body to be your healer, and you get 'high' off of your own supply. You complete breathwork feeling deeply connected, more alive and vibrant, inner peace and love, and so much more - all through the power of your breath!


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