Master the Art of Manifestation: A Journey into Intention, Energetics, and the Law of Attraction

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"When I signed up for the Manifestation Masterclass I wanted a change, in everything. I wanted more peace and fulfillment in my life. This masterclass taught me that my external world is a reflection of my internal one. And if I wanted to see a change outside I had to start within. It also taught me how to do it. With the practices and videos I’ve brought so much peace and happiness in my life. I used to dread waking up early and now I’m so grateful I wake up early enough to watch the sunrise. It’s shifted my perspective on so many ways. I’ve dreamt of becoming a yogist for four years, and I am finally taking the steps this year to get there. I signed up for the course and it has brought me so much fulfillment in my life. I would 100% recommend this course and any of Alesha's courses! If you’re ready for a transformation, peace and fulfillment then you this course will help you get there."

- Islam

"Hi Alesha! I finally caught up on the replays from the Manifestation Masterclass and I'm just so grateful for you and this course. I've been tuned in to the law of attraction and the principles of manifestation for a few years, but this is the first time I've invested in myself by purchasing a course. MM was the perfect way to kick off 2024. I feel more aligned to my intuition/inner voice than ever before and feel a great sense of peace about all that I'm allowing into my life, trusting that I will receive what I truly desire or something better. I've received more insights into blocks and insecurities that keep me from feeling worthy of success or showing up authentically, while at the same time manifesting what will be one of my highest paying months as a freelance content creator.

You are so generous with your time and knowledge. I could always sense your genuine positivity and sincere desire to help us grow during each session. I have a new appreciation for the importance of consistency of practice, so I'm very excited to continue learning from you and this community (through the Membership and Love Embodied course)! <3

Thank you for all you do."

- Carolyn 

"Hi Alesha, I just wanted to reach out to let you know how grateful I am for your Manifestation Program. I had never taken a course like yours before and it was truly life changing.  Since completing your program, I have come into unexpected money and I am now able to pay my bills!! You are such an inspiration and I thank you so much for the work you are doing. You are truly an Earth Angel and I wish you all the joy, happiness, and positive energy! Thank you so much."

- Alyssa

We can't add more time to our life, but we absolutely can add more life to the time we have left!

Join me for 14+ hours of in-depth manifestation training, where we will create the energy to magnetize deeper love, abundance, freedom, fun, presence, purpose, true happiness and health. I personally take myself through these lessons, activities and practices multiple times a year, every single year to start fresh and magnetize my dreams. I would be honored to guide you through them, too! xx Alesha

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Here's the beautiful secret: as you embody the energy of abundance, when you radiate thoughts, feelings and emotions of gratitude, satisfaction, joy, love and ease, you become instantly magnet to receive more.

You begin to experience incredible opportunities, people, health, and yes, even the crisp green energy we call money!

You magnetize it to you using energy, without using force or willpower.

In order to radiate a magnetic energy of abundance, there are steps to take and energetic alchemy practices to do. I will take you through this process, step-by-step within this Art of Manifesting Masterclass.

You will develop manifestation tools and daily practices to use energy to magnetize your desires to you!


The Art of Manifesting Masterclass:

✨ 10x 60-90 minute recorded modules that were taught back-to-back by Alesha to a live group of 40 people ($999+ value) -- taking you step-by-step through the energy alchemy practices to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.

✨PLUS a LIVE welcome call with Alesha!

✨PLUS a LIVE Q&A with Alesha!

✨PLUS a LIVE guided breathwork and embodiment session with Alesha!


After signing up you will receive instant access to The Vault within the Abundance Embodied Membership, which includes:

✨Brand NEW Manifest Money in Leaned Back Energy Masterclass 5 Module Trainings ($555 USD value)

✨Quantum Leap + Quantum Intelligence 8+ Module Trainings ($2,000+ USD value)

✨Money Magnet 7 Module Trainings ($2,000+ USD value)

‚ú®Shift Into Parallel Realities Class 2-Hour Training ($111 USD value)

✨Morning Magic Routine, a digital daily journal and embodiment practice that will help you collapse time and quantum leap ($22 USD value)

✨VIRAL Impact, grow your influence and affluence on TikTok and social media 1-Hour Training ($111 USD value)

✨Feminine Energy of Receiving 1-Hour Training ($111 USD value)


‚ú®Daily 'homeplay' that we complete together¬†each day to to¬†manifest your best life¬†yet! This¬†is where the actual shifts in your energetic field and frequency takes place -- which immediately shifts what you attract into your life.ūüėČ


✨A Telegram group chat and community of like-minded people to share, connect, celebrate and collaborate. 


Total Value: $5,500+ USD


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This Masterclass is an Abundance Embodied Membership Exclusive!

The Art of Manifesting is a 2-week Masterclass exclusive to members. There is no long-term commitment required. Once you join you are free to cancel anytime, or stay forever!

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Disclaimer: I can not guarantee specific results. I can only share with you my personal practice around healing my past, shifting my beliefs, choosing my energetic state and receiving. This a practice that has worked for me and countless others and I believe in it deeply. However, I don't guarantee results. Experiences of past students may not be typical for all students.